Premium You Advantage

  • Fullspeed - download without any limit
  • No waitingtime - single click fullspeed downloads!
  • parallel downloads!
  • Supporting download-manager!
  • You are still downloading anonym!
  • Refer friends and earn money!

Premium package overview

The logic behind In general the use of is free, but those free user do have some limitations. They have a speedlimit, which allows them to download only with a maximum speed of 200KB/sec - 300KB/sec. Moreover, they are only allowed to download a single file at the same time and per hour as well as they have a waitingtime and a captcha-code before they are able to start.

Premium-User, of course, get rid of all these limitations!

A premium-account allows you to download with maximum speed and with the use of a download-manager. This means you are able to download a hole bunch of links with a single click. By the way, you will be able to use your premium-account instantly after the payment-process is finished.

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Free light registration

By signing up you agree to our TOS agree. After sign up you will receive an activation-link via Email!

Advantages compared to a guest account

  • Recruit friends and get commission
  • Detailed statistics about your uploads
  • Still downloading anonym
  • You can upgrade to a premium-account anytime

Disadvantages compared to apremium account

  • Waitingtime before beeing able to download
  • No parallel downloads
  • Speedlimitation
  • 200MB Traffic-Limit per hour